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Compared to shaving, waxing/sugaring is the less comfortable option for hair removal. So why do people do it? Because there are so many benefits that come along with regular waxing/sugaring that make it more than

So you've never been waxed before and you're totally excited, but also totally nervous. Don't worry, that's normal and we completely understand! Though we have information on just about everything you could want to know

Sugaring has been gaining popularity as a hair removal method, but what the heck is it? Is it better than traditional waxing? Why does MKP offer both waxing and sugaring? In this post, we hope

1. Can I get waxed while pregnant? We always recommend getting your doctor's approval before getting a wax, however we have many pregnant clients! 2. Will my waxing experience be any different during my pregnancy? Some women experience

We often hear about the benefits of periodic exfoliation to help flush away built up dead skin cells and reveal a layer of fresh, glowing skin. There are a host of products on the market