Our skin is in a constant state of turnover. Dead skin cells typically make up a lot of the top layer, with new, soft skin just underneath. As we age, the turnover slows and dead skin can build up at the surface, leaving our skin dull and dry, and not just on our faces!

Summer in Columbus, GA is hard on the skin – exfoliation can help! You might be taking good care of your face – what about the rest of your body?

Here are five benefits of body exfoliation:

1. Body scrubs encourage circulation and skin cell turnover, leaving your skin youthful and bright.

Under dull, dry skin, there is a layer of bright, new baby-soft skin. Body scrubs to slough off that old skin, improving blood flow, and encouraging the skin’s natural rejuvenation processes. Exfoliation can help you achieve glowing, even skin, all over!

2. Exfoliation unclogs pores and prevents and treats body breakouts.

Dead skin cells can clog pores and cause body breakouts, especially in the summer. A body scrub can remove the old cells, removing impurities from your pores, and helping you achieve clear, smooth skin. A body scrub is especially good for problem areas like the back and chest, common areas for breakouts for many in the summer heat in Columbus, Georgia.

3. Exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs and reduces irritation from shaving.

Ingrown hairs and razor irritation can be signs that your skin needs exfoliation. A buildup of dead skin can clog pores and cause painful ingrown hairs or razor rash. Body scrubs can smooth your skin, open your pores, and free ingrown hairs, leaving your skin clear and comfortable.

4. Body scrubs help your skin absorb and retain moisture from your favorite body lotion or oil.

Does your skin seem dry, even after you apply your favorite moisturizer? Exfoliation might be the answer to your problems. Dead skin can’t absorb moisture, no matter how high quality your products are. A body scrub can remove those layers of dead skin, revealing soft new skin that is ready to absorb and retain the moisture from your skincare products, allowing you to see all the benefits they provide.

5. Body scrubs can reduce stress!

A body scrub applied by our estheticians is a relaxing and invigorating experience! We take time to give your skin exactly what you need, while you relax and enjoy being pampered.

Perhaps you already know the benefits of the all-over exfoliation offered by our body scrubs. But are you really paying attention to all of your skin? Sometimes we forget the most sensitive, irritation prone areas. A vajacial could be for you!

What is a Vajacial?

It is a facial for your bikini area! Vajacials exfoliate and smooth your skin, treating in-grown hairs, smoothing bumps around the bikini line, preventing acne, and keeping your most delicate skin hydrated and smooth. Vajacials are a must-have beauty treatment for the Columbus, Georgia summer when bathing suits are the best way to stay cool.

Our body scrubs are a perfect treatment for dull, rough, or blemished skin. We are now offering vajacials, too, helping you give every inch of your skin the care it deserves.

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