If you’ve only ever heard of traditional waxing, it’s time for you to get educated on the new fad–sugaring. Sugaring is an alternative method of hair removal, although it’s very similar to traditional hard waxing, there are some undeniable differences.

In this month’s MKP blog, you will be informed of the ingredients in sugaring, what to do when getting a sugaring service, and the difference between sugaring and waxing.

Ingredients in a Sugar

In sugar, the ingredients are quite basic and all-natural.  Our sugar is made out of organic sugar, molasses, lemon, and water. There are not too many products today that use a list of ingredients that short or that natural! It’s safe to say that sugaring isn’t hard on the skin or the body.

When Getting a Sugaring at MKP in Columbus, GA

To prepare yourself for your sugaring service, it is important that you grow your hair out in order for the sugar to grab the root of your hair. Typically, hair needs to be grown to a ¼ of an inch and your skin must be free of any lotions, or oils before going in for a sugaring service. When coming in for your appointment make sure to have on loose-fitting clothes. After your sugaring appointment if you have to put on tight clothes it could rub and irritate the freshly sugared skin! Lastly, give your skin about 48 hours to recover before putting it through anything too strenuous. Hot showers, exfoliating, products that contain fragrance, swimming, working out, or having sex may not be a good idea directly after your sugaring hair removal service.

What to Expect From your Sugaring Services?

When you have your service done your wax artist will start off by cleaning the skin of the desired area. Then a barrier in the form of an organic powder will be put on your skin to ensure the sugar sticks to the hair efficiently. After that, your wax artist will begin to form the sugar in their hands to warm it up. Finally, your wax artist will mold the sugar on to your skin, allowing the sugar to seep into the follicles. The hair is then removed with a flicking motion! Continuing this process throughout your hair removal service.

Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring

Often clients wonder what the difference is between sugaring and traditional waxing. Sugar is more natural, as mentioned before, only containing 4 ingredients. Sugaring can be less painful, as there is a barrier between the sugar and your skin. As described when you get this hair removal method, the same ball of sugar is used throughout your service. When you get a traditional wax there are multiple different waxing strips.

Check Out This Hair Removal Method

This is a great alternative to shaving and it’s also a highly acclimated method of hair removal. Not only does it work, but it’s also all-natural and can be less painful than traditional waxing. Here at MKP Salon we highly recommend this service! Our wax artists are highly trained with many years of experience. You can trust us with all of your hair removal needs.

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