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Thank you for choosing MKP for your wax service! We hope to make your experience as pleasant as waxing can be. Keeping these tips in mind will help to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible. However, please keep in mind that it is impossible to predict how any individual's skin will react, no matter how many precautions are taken. To fully experience the benefits of waxing, it is important to maintain the waxing schedule recommended by your Wax Artist.



  1. Attempt to not sweat in the waxed area.
  2. Continue to wear loose fitting clothing. After a wax in the bikini area specifically, try to not wear underwear, if possible.
  3. Do not take hot showers or soak in a bath.
  4. Do not use lotions, oils, exfoliates, perfumes or deodorants.
  5. Do not go swimming (pools, lakes, oceans, hot tubs.)


  1. Do not shave, pluck, pick, or tweeze in between appointments.
  2. 24-48 hours after your service, hydrate your skin daily by applying one of our SugarLove moisturizers and bump reducers.
  3. 24-48 hours after your service, tone your skin daily with one of our SugarLove toning products.
  4. 48-72 hours after your service, begin exfoliating your skin 3-5 times/week, with one of our SugarLove scrubs, to prevent dead skin cells from building up and causing ingrown hairs.
  5. Wear natural, organic fabrics around the waxed area, if possible.