Everyone grows hair, right? Right! While other waxing salons may seem to some like a “no men allowed” area, our staff never wants anyone to feel unwelcomed. That is why at MKP Waxing Salon, we offer a wide variety of hair removal services for both men and women. In doing so, we ensure our environment is comfortable and relaxing for all our clients.

Men’s Waxing & Sugaring Services on the Rise

Gone are the days of waxing and sugaring services just for the ladies. Men’s grooming routines are just as important as women’s routines and often that includes waxing services. The secret is out and many more men are trying alternative methods to remove unwanted hair instead of just shaving. If you are wanting complete hair removal often shaving isn’t even an option for certain areas of your body i.e. your middle back. So let us help with your hair removal needs.

Honestly, guys, it doesn’t hurt that bad! According to Men’s Health Magazine, every man should try waxing at least once. At MKP, we couldn’t agree more and support your choice. Ultimately, the choice is up to the individual. If you are nervous about the pain, ask your wax artist to do a small area first so you can know what the sensation feels like.

Lastly, don’t be self-conscious. Our wax artists at MKP are highly professional and trained to provide you with the best hair removal experience possible. We also have a list of pre-waxing/sugaring tips and post-waxing/sugaring tips that are available to our clients to provide the best waxing experience each visit.

Professional Waxing Services in Columbus, Ga

Seeking a professional waxing salon, however, is very important! Not all waxing salons are created equal and some may have never trained or handle men’s waxing services. MKP offers a full selection of gentlemen waxing services, catered specifically to a man’s body and hair removal needs.

Contact us to schedule your next wax service and ask us about Walk-In-Wednesday!