Compared to shaving, waxing/sugaring is the less comfortable option for hair removal. So why do people do it? Because there are so many benefits that come along with regular waxing/sugaring that make it more than worth the time you spend in the salon!

1) Longer Lasting Results

The 5 o’clock shadow doesn’t just apply to the face! Instead of shaving stubble daily, why not wax monthly? Unlike shaving, waxing/sugaring removes hairs from the root. This means that the hair has to grow back completely. The longer it takes for your hair to grow back, the longer you get to enjoy smooth, hair free skin!

2) Finer/Slower Hair Growth

A new hair will grow back thinner than a hair that is simply being trimmed. Overtime, new hairs will grow to be just as thick as their predecessors, but that is why we recommend a regular waxing/sugaring schedule! Clients who maintain the waxing/sugaring routine recommended by their wax artist will have hairs that grow back finer and slower over time! Some clients will even start to see that less than half of their hairs have grown back at all between services!

3) Smoother Skin

Though some clients may experience some side effects to waxing/sugaring, such as ingrown hairs and blemishing, the majority of clients who experience irritation after shaving experience either significantly less irritation from waxing/sugaring, or even not irritation at all. The MKP Team will also work closely with you to provide aftercare tips, products, and recommendations so that you can maintain the smoothest, clearest skin possible between services!

4) No More Itching!

That uncontrollable itching that can commonly accompany hairs growing back after shaving, is basically a non-issue with waxing! Though a small portion of clients may still experience some itching as their hairs begin to grow back in, the itching is described as being significantly less severe as well as lasting for a much shorter amount of time. No more having to decide between baring through the horrible itch and having to figure out how to scratch discreetly!

5) Less Time Spent on Hair Removal

Waxing/sugaring may take more time than shaving, but it doesn’t need to be done anywhere near as frequently! If you shave every couple of days, the time spent removing your hair quickly adds up! And to think, all of that time and effort spent for it to just grow right back! Take a load off your beauty routine and let an MKP Wax Artist do the hard work for you!