If you have lived in the Chattahoochee Valley for more than five minutes you have most likely experienced a tornado warning. However, the tornado that hit our area Sunday afternoon, was unlike many others. This storm had winds comparable to a category 5 hurricane, smashing into Eastern Alabama with very little notice. In the aftermath of the recent disaster, we are collecting donations for those that experienced great loss last week. At MKP we appreciate the community we are apart of and the people that make up the special place we call home.

If you would like to donate, here are some of the items we are accepting:

Donations Needed:

  • Gently used clothing for all ages
  • Gently used home goods – kitchen, bedroom, living room, children toys
  • Toiletries
  • Dry & canned food goods

Donations can be dropped off at the salon located at 3601 Hilton Ave Ste 229, anytime during normal business hours. We are currently working with other local community locations, where we can combine all the items collected so they can be delivered to those in need.

Below are the hours that donation can be accepted:

Mon-Fri 10 am-7 pm

Sat 10 am-3 pm

Sun 1 pm- 5 pm

MKP Waxing Salon

At MKP, we admire this community’s strength and all its members. We would like to send our thoughts to the victims and their families who are picking up the pieces after this horrible event. If you have any questions or would like to lend your assistance please feel free to give Marisa Jacquez, our Salon Coordinator, a call at 706-221-9366 or contact us here.