So you’ve never been waxed before and you’re totally excited, but also totally nervous. Don’t worry, that’s normal and we completely understand! Though we have information on just about everything you could want to know before your service scattered across our website, we decided to put it all in one place so you don’t have to put in the leg work! Below are our most frequently asked questions from first-time waxers. If there is anything else you would like to know before you schedule your service, just give us a call! We are happy to help 🙂

Does it hurt?

Though waxing can be uncomfortable, it is certainly tolerable. Each client’s experience will vary, depending on their natural pain tolerance, so please don’t base your expectations off of something you saw on YouTube! If you do find your first experience to be quite uncomfortable, don’t worry! As long as you stay on a regular schedule and don’t shave in between services, it gets easier and easier!

How long does my hair need to be?

We ask that clients have at least 2 weeks of hair growth, since the last time they either shaved or used a depilatory product, at the time of their appointment. At two weeks, hairs should be about a quarter inch in length, approximately the length of a grain of rice. You can’t have too much hair, you can only have not enough!

What should I do to prepare for my service?

The most important thing is that clients have let their hair grow out enough to be successfully removed. There are several other preparations that can improve your waxing experience but are not necessarily required to receive a service. For a complete list of suggestions, please check out our Before Waxing Skincare Tips!

What should I do after my service?

Aftercare is very important to get the best results from waxing/sugaring. For a complete list of aftercare tips, please visit our After Waxing Skincare Tips page! If you ever have any additional skincare questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

How often do I need to get a service done?

For the majority of our services, we either recommend coming every 3 weeks, or every 4-6 weeks. Please feel free to ask your Wax Artist when you should return for your next service if you are unsure!

Which hair removal method is the best?

There is no universal hair removal method that works best for everyone, but there is likely the best method for you! That’s why we offer 3 different methods! For more information on our different methods, please check out our Which Hair Removal Technique Should I Use? blog post! You are also welcome to ask your Wax Artist to use the method they think will work best for your skin and hair type at the time of your appointment!

Can I get waxed during my cycle?

Absolutely! Mother nature doesn’t have to get in the way of you and smooth, hair-free skin. We do ask that you wear a tampon or diva cup during your service and please be aware that you may be a little more sensitive than usual.

Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?

Yes, ma’am, you can! We always recommend that you consult your doctor before your first wax if you are pregnant, but we have many many clients who are with child. We recommend bringing a pillow along to your service, if you are further along, just so that we can position you more comfortably. You may also experience heightened sensitivity during your service.

Can men get waxed?

At MKP Waxing Salon, waxing is for all! We provide head-to-toe waxing services for both men and women.

Is there an age limit for waxing?

Though we are happy to provide waxing services to clients of any age, we require written consent from a parent or guardian for clients under the age of 18. If you are a minor looking to get waxed, please have your parent or guardian accompany you to your first appointment.

Can I bring anyone in the room with me during my service?

If your service requires you to undress to any degree, we do not allow anyone to come in the room with you during your service. We do this because we have found that clients have a better experience when they are alone with their Wax Artist. Exceptions can be made for clients under the age of 18 if their parent or guardian would like to be in the room with them.

Should I take painkillers before my service?

We do not recommend taking pain killers before your service. However, some clients do like to use a numbing cream. If you do decide to apply a numbing cream before your service, please be sure to read the product directions thoroughly. Many creams require upwards of 30 minutes to take effect. At this time, we do not sell a numbing cream at our salon, but they are common at beauty supply stores.

Can I be intimate after my service?

We do not recommend being intimate with a partner for the first 24 hours after any services done in an intimate area. The reason we recommend abstaining, if possible, is because sweat and friction, within the first 24 hours after service, can both increase your chances of developing ingrown hairs and blemishes!