Waxing is a type of hair removal that is more efficient and productive than shaving. While shaving takes hair off your body just from the surface of your skin, waxing takes the hair from its root. Waxing makes your hair come back slower and sparser than shaving does, and because more of the hair is removed, it takes longer to grow. Once you wax you will never want to go back! In this blog, we will talk about what you should expect from your first wax. We will walk you through the truth about waxing, how long the hair removal process takes, how long the results will last, what to do when coming in for your first wax and what to do following your first wax.

The Truth About Waxing

Though waxing has great results, beauty comes with pain. Waxing for the first time can be uncomfortable. However, it is tolerable. For your first time waxing, you should expect some pain. The amount of pain you experience depends on what part of your body you’re getting waxed and your pain tolerance. Each time you get an area of your body waxed, the less painful it will become!

How Long Does the Hair Removal Process Take?

How long your waxing service takes all depends on what area of your body your getting waxed and how much hair growth is there. It is estimated that our services take from 15 minutes to an hour, all depending on the above.

How Long Will the Waxing Results Last?

Unfortunately, there are no cut and dry answers for this question, how fast your hair grows is obviously personal to each individual. After your first wax, we usually suggest scheduling an appointment three weeks later as an average. As you get into a routine of waxing, there will be more of a standard time frame you can use to base your appointments.

When Coming in For Your First Wax…

If you’ve never been waxed before, don’t be nervous. At MKP Waxing Salon we treat you like family. We want to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own smooth skin. 

Following Your First Wax…

After you’ve waxed it is normal for your skin to be slightly irritated. Directly following your wax try and avoid the sun. It is important to not be intimate for 24 hours following your services. This could cause ingrown hairs and blemishes, and ultimately resulting in being uncomfortable. It is suggested to avoid working out, exfoliating, and tight clothing immediately following your wax.

MKP Waxing Salon Columbus, Georgia

When coming in your first wax it’s okay to have some nervous jitters. Just know that MKP Waxing Salon has top-rated waxing artists and wants to treat you like family! You are in great hands at MKP and want to give YOU the best waxing experience possible. Make sure to come to check out all of our waxing services they include but are not limited to; Brazilian, upper lip, bikini, Hollywood, and much more!


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