Waxing or shaving? Obviously, both are hair removal methods that most women use daily. However, which one is better, does waxing or shaving hold more benefits? Waxing uses hot wax while shaving uses a razor. But let’s dig further into these hair removal methods and see why waxing is better than shaving.

Waxing is More Sustainable

Though shaving has been the go-to hair removal method for years upon years, it’s time to ditch this stone-age approach and move on to a more sustainable method of hair removal — waxing. Though shaving trims the hair of the desired area, showing a smooth surface, this hair removal method is very temporary and only lasts about 1-2 days before shaving is necessary to repeat. As for waxing an appointment is necessary approximately every 2 weeks, depending on what area is receiving the wax. However, the more frequent you wax, the longer you will be able to wait to schedule your next appointment. 

Better for Your Skin

When shaving it simply removes the top layer of your hair, leaving behind all of the dead skin. However, when you wax it doubles as an exfoliation process. Waxing takes off the layer of dead skin that has formed on your leg, leaving behind a fresh layer of skin! The process of dead skin cells being removed from your leg after a wax is why your skin feels so smooth and clean.

Stop Itching

After a shave, it is a common fact that you will end up with razor burn. Leaving you uncomfortably itching in uncomfortable places. When you receive a wax, razor burn is non-existent! Sure, the process may be a tad more unpleasant, but the benefits outweigh the costs by far!

Done with Cuts

Shaving can be tedious, leaving you with tiny cuts and knicks that have you bleeding for hours. This is not only painful, but it’s also unattractive and uncomfortable. When you make the switch to waxing you are putting your trust into a professional’s hands! Meaning they are highly trained in their area of expertise. Once your service is done at MKP Waxing Salon in Columbus, Georgia, you are guaranteed to walk out smooth!

Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are an ugly truth to shaving. Those pesky hairs leave your legs, underarm, and pubic areas feeling uncomfortable and looking irritated. If you make the switch to waxing you can say goodbye to these unwanted, infected hairs! A wax pulls your hair from its root, not allowing room for it to become ingrown! After your wax, you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the fact that you won’t have to endure an infinite amount of red bumps.

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Scheduling a wax can be scary and intimidating. However, once you wax you will never want to go back. Waxing is a more sustainable way of hair removal, leaving you feeling silky smooth for weeks. It’s better for your skin, taking away the nasty, old layer of dead skin cells. When you switch to waxing you can say goodbye to itching, cuts, and ingrown hair, something you just can’t get out of shaving! 


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