The Power of Exfoliation


We often hear about the benefits of periodic exfoliation to help flush away built up dead skin cells and reveal a layer of fresh, glowing skin. There are a host of products on the market that claim to combat acne, aging, dullness, and other common concerns. But did you know how much exfoliation can improve the results of your wax?

Because our skin is constantly renewing and replacing itself, dead skin cells can build up on any part of our bodies. Waxing temporarily exposes your pores, making them more vulnerable to becoming clogged. Clogged pores can lead to unsightly blemishes and ingrown hairs. Dead skin cells can actually collect in your open pores and result in clogging! Particularly nasty ingrowns and blemishes can even lead to dark spots and scarring. 

Thankfully, using a gentle exfoliating product on the skin between wax services can help to clear away these dead skin cells and rescue your pores from becoming clogged. This will result in fewer blemishes and ingrown hairs, sign me up! 

And the benefits don't just stop at helping keep your skin more clear between waxing services! We also recommend exfoliating 24 hours before your wax service. Doing so both softens your skin and makes your hairs better prepared to be waxed. How you ask? When wax is applied to the skin, it attaches to your hair follicles, but it can also attach to dead skin cells. If dead skin is built up in the area that is being waxed, not only does the wax product have a harder time holding onto your hair follicles, waxing can also be more uncomfortable because the wax is removing dead skin along with your hair! Ouch! 

If you do not already own a gentle exfoliating product, we recommend purchasing one of our JessaLove Sugar Scrubs. We offer a Rose + Oxygen Hydration Scrub which has the added benefit of helping to hydrate your skin, and a Cookie Dough Foamy Scrub which is formulated to fight blemishes. Not sure which scrub you should use? Ask your Wax Artist! They will make a recommendation based on your skin and hair type.

However, we DO NOT recommend exfoliating the same day as your wax. Your skin will be more sensitive after exfoliating and needs time to return to a more normal state before waxing. It is better to skip exfoliating before a wax all together than to exfoliate the day of your service!  

Product Recommendations.jpg

Cookie Dough Foamy Scrub


Targeted to fight blemishes.

Rose + Oxygen Scrub.jpg

Rose + Oxygen Hydration Scrub

Focused on combatting dryness.